Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Okay so I want to share 5 plugins you can use for your blog that will help you grow your blog and even make more money (potentially).

Here we go!

All In One SEO

Too many bloggers don’t take this seriously. What am I talking about? SEO of course which means getting traffic from search engines. But let’s all be honest here we are talking about Google.

When’s the last time you did a search on bing? If you regularly use bing then let me tell you, you are in the minority. Everyone uses Google and it’s because it’s the best (sorry, not sorry!).

Anyhow, this plugin helps you optimise your website better so that it has more chance of showing up in Google, it allows you to optimise a lot of things like your title tags (these show in Google search).

Check out some articles on the settings to use to get it right though!

Optin Monster

This is a cool plugin I started using on my blogs a while back. It allows you to capture subscribers better by having nice looking forms.

These can be positioned in a number of ways from pop ups, to end of post opt ins and more. It’s a good tool I recommend you get.

Yoast SEO

Another SEO tool and one that you don’t need if you use all in one SEO as they do the same thing, but it’s another alternative and it’s good.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google needs to know your blog exists and what better way than with a lovely looking sitemap. Yes this tells Google about your new posts and I recommend you get it, it’s a great plugin!

Really Simple SSL

If you’re site isn’t using SSL it probably should be. Yes I know this website isn’t but it will be soon.

So Really Simple SSL will convert your site to SSL (you still need to buy a SSL certificate from someone like your hosting company).

It’s a good tool and one that I am installing on older blogs to switch them over to SSL since this is how all blogs should be really going forward (again YES this one will be soon).


This sounds like a typo but it’s actually real and very important. I just started using this on my new blogs because it really helps to stop people from stealing your content and indexing it in Google.

So some blogs (run by people who are unethical idiots in my opinion) scrape other peoples blog content and put it on their own blog. Sometimes Google gets confused as to who the original owner is and they end up ranking the wrong blog in Google!

To stop this happening use this plugin as it will stop it!

I included 6 plugins since 2 of them were very similar, hope you enjoyed this post!

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