How To Get Started Blogging

Hi, today I’m sharing 5 tips to help you start blogging and these are based on my experience starting numerous blogs over the years.

Use Self-Hosted WordPress

What does that mean? Well it means you must register your own domain name and hosting and then install on your website. It’s an easy process and one that there are tons of guides on (I might do one myself) but then you own the platform and the domain.

Where a lot of people go wrong is they don’t own it, and they start blogs using free services like blogger and others and then they aren’t able to monetise their blogs properly.

Have A Clear Plan

Next you must have a clear plan of what your goal is when it comes to blogging especially if you plan on doing this as a business.

So many people start blogs and have no clear target.

My top tip for you is to actually find someone who has already done what you are trying to achieve and model them. Notice I said model not copy.

Use WordPress Plugins

It’s a good idea to install numerous plugins on your blog to help you do things like rank better in Google.

A great plugin for this is the All In One SEO plugin. It’s my favourite one and I install it on all my blogs.

Don’t Give Up

Blogging takes time and if you give up well you won’t achieve anything.

I’ve literally started dozens of blogs.

The first blog I started I put so much time and effort into and guess what, it actually turned into nothing at all.

The second blog? Yep the same!

It takes TIME so go for it and don’t give up.

I’m going to share more tips for you here anyway so be sure to check back.

I want to show you how to do research and actually target keywords.

Plus I’ll be sharing reviews of popular products and services.