Are Federal Rent Checks Worth the Hype?

Today I’m actually sharing the first in my series of “reviews” I am giving on products and services.

These could be anything from making money, to blogging and more but generally “money” will be the topic!

So what’s my first review about?

It’s about a new service that is supposed to help the average American receive checks from the government known as “Federal Rent Checks”.

I heard about it from fellow blogger Mark from (See his federal rent checks review at as I’m subscribed to his scam busting list.

So what’s it all about and how does it work?

In a video on the Money Map Press website, the company’s financial advisor Mr D.R. Barton introduces Federal Rent Checks to the public.

He seems to be telling the people that if they sing up the program, they can receive Federal Rent Checks of $1,795 or more every month.

Barton says this is possible because of little known public law 92-313. The law has provisions to compensate land and building owners whose properties have been rented by the government.

Mr Barton says that there is a pool of $11.1 billion of the government money that has to be spent on this purpose.

According to the video, one just needs to sign up for its 10 Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter to start receiving the checks.

The subscription fee for the newsletter is $39 for one year and $79 for two years.

The Creator

According to the Money Map Press website, Mike Ward is the CEO of the company and Mr. D.R. Barton, who is seen making the sales pitch in the Federal Rent Checks video, is the financial advisor to the company.

Money Map Press is an investment consultancy firm that publishes a series of newsletters that aim at providing strategies, solutions, and new opportunities to investors.

The company claims that Barton is a best-selling author and financial commentator on leading business news TV channels. They also claim that Mr. Barton has been offering investment consultancy for a long time and has made a reputation of helping investors multiply their money.

It seems the idea of Federal Rent Checks has come from Barton himself and it’s he who has worked out the entire detail of the Federal Rent Checks program.

How does the product work?

Federal Rent Checks launched by Money Map Press are essentially investment ideas.

The basic concept is that you can invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as per the recommendations and information made available in The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter published by Money Map Press for their subscribers. Based on the investment, you will earn a dividend.

Since REITs rent their properties to the government, REITs receive the rent from the government. And, when you receive your dividends based on your actual investment, Barton would want you to believe that these are Federal Rent Checks.

But he does not talk about the substantial investment that you need to make to make sure that you receive $1,795 or more every month.

The video seems to ask the people to sign up for the newsletter that can start making money for them.

Is the product a scam?

Federal Reserve Checks are not really a scam because it does not exist in reality.

This is a fanciful term given to an investment idea involving REITs and government’s IRS directives.

The video tries to sell the newsletter that the company prepares for the investors. Whether the investors are making money or losing it, is not a concern for the company or its financial advisor Mr. Barton.

They are not even bothered whether the investors are taking their newsletters seriously at all.

The company is actually selling only the newsletter and going by the credentials being presented in support of Mr. Barton’s professional capabilities, it’s possible that the newsletters might contain some valuable insight and information.

The entire hype that has been created about Federal Rent Checks is geared up to selling more subscriptions of the 10 Million Millionaire Insider newsletters.


Federal Rent Checks are imaginary and misleading but they are not a scam.

There does not exist anything called Federal Rent Checks outside the realm of Money Map Press.

The company has cleverly worked out a smart marketing plan to increase the subscription base of its newsletter The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider. From a marketing point of view well done to them!

Whether you are able to make money through Federal Rent Checks and REITs or not, you will definitely lose $39 or $79 that you spend to buy the newsletter’s subscription if you find it worthless, but there is a chance that you could get value from it it really depends on what you are looking for.

I hope you found this federal rent checks review useful.

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I want to show you how to do research and actually target keywords.

Plus I’ll be sharing reviews of popular products and services.